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We love our little blue planet and this business all started with a simple idea - "Put Good in, and Get good out", by removing harmful chemicals from our everyday products and aiming for a cleaner, better, lifestyle

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  • Yasmin A. Campbell, California.

    "Very cute store with lots of sustainable body, hair and skin care. I will probably try their shampoo and conditioner one day to see what it's all about"

  • Stephanie K. Anaheim, California USA

    "Amazing customer service and great products!
    The products smell so amazing and there's something for everybody there."

  • Janette W. San Jose, California USA

    "Great customer service and great products!
    The woman who helped me explained how everything is made in house and directed me to a GREAT gift for my Mom. "

  • Lore M. Fremont, California USA

    "Amazing Store!
    My face feels baby soft, my skin looks so beautiful and glowing.
    A must buy is their Not Any Pore Organic Facial Toner!! That has done miracles iwth my big pores! I absolutely love this store, definitely a game Changer!"

  • Jen D. Montery, California USA

    "Thoroughly enjoyed this place - All natural and clean scents and the gorgeous decor, bright room Combo!
    They also rewards program which I'm sure I can take advantage of because I will be back for SURE!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Good Common Sense Naturals' essential oils different from other brands?

At Good Common Sense Naturals, we prioritize purity and sustainability. Our essential oils are sourced from leading distilleries using plant materials from their native countries.

How should I use essential oils safely?

Essential oils are potent and should be used with care. We recommend diluting them with a carrier oil before applying to the skin to avoid irritation. For aromatherapy, a few drops in a diffuser can create a soothing atmosphere.

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