Embrace Purity & Sustainability with Good Common Sense Naturals

Where Artisan Skincare Meets Conscious Living

Soothing Sisterhood: Bonding Moments in the Bath

Celebrate the joy of shared relaxation with our collection of bath essentials.

Discover our exclusive range of artisan skincare products, meticulously crafted in-house using only essential oils and entirely natural ingredients – all free from synthetic chemicals! We're thrilled to introduce zero waste initiatives in-store, along with discounted refill options, ensuring both sustainability and savings!

Good Common Sense Naturals is the brainchild of Wendy Schulte, driven by her aspiration for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Together with her husband, Lucas Schulte, they invite you to experience their thoughtfully crafted products.

Their journey began with a modest idea rooted in their home – eliminating harmful chemicals from everyday essentials to embrace a purer way of living. What initially appeared unconventional soon became a mission: to question the necessity of using products filled with parabens and detergents, sourced from companies that engage in animal testing.

Their resolve was clear: infuse goodness to yield goodness. Thus, the journey commenced with a resounding challenge: "Put good in and get good out."

As for the name "Good Common Sense," it wasn't merely a random choice. It embodies their ethos – a business founded on principles of practical wisdom and intuitive reasoning, guiding every step of their endeavor.

Radiate Confidence: Unlock Your Skin’s Natural Glow

Discover the secret to effortlessly glowing skin with our premium skincare collection. Each product is designed to nurture, protect, and enhance your skin’s natural beauty, leaving it radiant and vibrant.

Be Extravagant: Dive into Pure Luxury with Bath Time Bliss

Experience pure tranquility and pampering with our luxurious bath essentials. Relax and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the soft bubbles of our fragrant soaps.

Silky Smooth Sensation: Unleash Your Skin's Seductive Glow

Indulge in the ultimate self-care ritual with our luxurious skin-nourishing creams. Inspired by the allure of our model's radiant skin, our products are designed to leave you feeling irresistibly soft and silky.


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