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Palo Santo (1 stick) Incense Wood

Palo Santo (1 stick) Incense Wood

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Ethically sourced Burnable Palo Santo Wood, handcut average 4" x1" 

Palo santo cleanses negative energy and allows for positivity to take its place, use to cleanse your energy or the energy of any space. Our Palo Santo comes from Ecuador; the originating mother tree of Palo santo are still the same lineage of trees harvested today to keep the legacy going!

Unique properties and uses for Palo Santo: 

  • Clears the mind. Often burned while meditating to provide mental clarity and focus the mind. The scent is centering and grounding.

  • Space cleansing. Spiritual cleaning with smoke, aka smudging, is a practice that goes back for ages.

  • Anti Bacterial and insect repellent. Palo santo essential oil is traditionally used as an anti-bacterial agent. Using palo santo incense reduces unwanted odors, bacteria and viruses. Also bugs don't like the smell. Go away mosquitoes!

  • Evokes past memories. The sense of smell is strongly associated with memory.

  • Calms pets down. Word has it that dogs like the smell of Palo Santo.

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